Flight Helmet Communications Upgrades

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Aviation Respirator: Protection During COVID-19

Attaches to most flight helmets and comes with a built-in microphone!

This respirator features high quality breathing protection in hazardous environments without sacrificing headgear protection or communication capabilities

, April 11, 2020

Helmet Refurbishments: Adding a Mask/Boom Switch to Your Helmet

For each of these helmet refurbishments, we added communication ear plugs, installed a volume control knob, and added a helmet cable with a plug containing a built-in switch.

The switch allows the wearer to easily switch their microphone from the boom mic to the oxygen mask microphone, which is convenient for a pilot switching from one to the other while flying.

, February 19, 2020

Lightspeed Testimonial: Peter Wu

Customer Peter Wu talks Lightspeed products and FlightHelmet.com customer service.

As one of FlightHelmet.com's first customers to purchase a helmet with Lightspeed ANR, Peter Wu gives his two sense.

, December 09, 2019

Agricultural Respirator for Flight Helmets with Built-in Microphone

FlightHelmet.com has agricultural respirators for flight helmets with built-in micrphone available.

Available in size small, medium, or large and choice of strap setup to accomodate most helmet types include all HGU and SPH helmets.

, November 19, 2019