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Flight Helmet Showcase: Curt L. Fixed-Wing With Custom Paint

by Shawna Bock • December 07, 2023

Flight Helmet Painting and Graphics

This custom Van Halen-themed paint job ✨came out 🔥! Our customer was stoked 🤩 and we are too. Check out the full setup details on our new Flight Helmet Showcase page. 💻 #FlightHelmet #FlightHelmets

"I have about 50 hours now on my custom painted HGU-55 helmet from and wish that I would have bought one much earlier in my warbird flying career. I had the fortune to order in person with John at the Sun N' Fun booth who was very helpful in finding a fit that worked well for my huge head and walked me through all of the options and accessories to make sure that it would come equipped with everything that I needed and wanted. After the initial order, Gerald was super helpful in making the custom Van Halen themed graphics exactly what I wanted and knocked it out of the park on the first try. I now recommend to all of my flying friends because of their selection, durability, customer service, and customization options to fit any type of flying and any size of head."

-Curt L. 8/2023

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