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Fidlock Quick Release Buckle

A quick demonstration of the Fidlock Quick Release Buckle in action, showing both the ease of use and the strength of the locked buckle.

, November 02, 2020

Aviation Respirator: Protection During COVID-19

Attaches to most flight helmets and comes with a built-in microphone!

This respirator features high quality breathing protection in hazardous environments without sacrificing headgear protection or communication capabilities

, April 11, 2020

Oxygen Masks for Civilian Aircraft - New Products Available!

Featuring the Mountain High Oxygen Conversion Kit for MBU-20, MBU-20/P Combat Edge Oxygen Mask, MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask, and Mountain High ALPS Oxygen Mask for Flight Helmets.

In addition to flight helmets, we have several different types of oxygen masks suited for the various needs of our pilots.

, March 16, 2020

Replace Your Chin Strap with a Fidlock Buckle

Introducing Our Fidlock Buckle

At FlightHelmet.com, we incorporated the Fidlock quick release buckle so you don't have to struggle with your chin strap anymore.

, January 03, 2020

Nomex Flight Gloves With Touch Screen Compatibility

FlightHelmet.com carries Nomex flight gloves with touch screen compatibility.

Our GS/FRP-2 Nomex Summer Weight Flight Gloves are genuine military issue and meet or exceed all military specifications for aviation clothing.

, November 19, 2019

FlightHelmet.com's First Blog Post

FlightHelmet.com's First Blog Post

Flight Helmet.com's initial blog post which explains the rationale for starting a blog and describes what types of blog posts can be expected in the future.

, May 01, 2019