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Replace Your Chin Strap with a Fidlock Buckle

Introducing Our Fidlock Buckle

At FlightHelmet.com, we incorporated the Fidlock quick release buckle so you don't have to struggle with your chin strap anymore.

, January 03, 2020

Nomex Flight Gloves With Touch Screen Compatibility

FlightHelmet.com carries Nomex flight gloves with touch screen compatibility.

Our GS/FRP-2 Nomex Summer Weight Flight Gloves are genuine military issue and meet or exceed all military specifications for aviation clothing.

, November 19, 2019

Agricultural Respirator for Flight Helmets with Built-in Microphone

FlightHelmet.com has agricultural respirators for flight helmets with built-in micrphone available.

Available in size small, medium, or large and choice of strap setup to accomodate most helmet types include all HGU and SPH helmets.

, November 19, 2019

FlightHelmet.com's First Blog Post

FlightHelmet.com's First Blog Post

Flight Helmet.com's initial blog post which explains the rationale for starting a blog and describes what types of blog posts can be expected in the future.

, May 01, 2019