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We can always tell when an old customer comes calling. They call asking, "Did you used to be Check Six Aviation?" We have been through several names over our many years of doing business like Check Six Aviation, CSA Corp, then, Inc. in 2005, and most recently the business assets were purchased by Flight Helmet, LLC in 2008. 

The business started at the beginning of the internet system around 1994- there we very few web pages, and when you did a helmet search on eBay, only 2 or 3 listings would come up every week. The owner started as a collector and took his computer and web page knowledge with his love of flight gear and ejection seats and created the first dedicated online flight gear website in 1996. has now grown into one of the largest flight helmet and flight gear providers with a 10,000-square-foot facility with offices, work areas, and warehouse storage filled with gear from WW2 to the present. We have customers in 82 countries around the world, and every state in the US. We are a government contractor and provide many military squadrons with parts and gear that would take too long to get or are no longer in the government inventory. We have assisted certain "lettered" government agencies with aviation life support equipment to protect some of the most important people in the world. We take our job very seriously. 

Aside from the flight use equipment, we provide collectors around the world with impossible-to-find helmets, masks, and other equipment from WW2 to Vietnam. These items are drying up but seems to always come up with high-quality collectibles. Our website is extensive and takes over 500 gigabytes of server space. We want it to be a reference source for all collectors, not just a "come buy our stuff" website. From our ever-popular (and original) X-files Helmet Museum to the flight gear articles, you can learn a lot by just clicking around. The website had over 1.5 million visitors last year, which is an average of 125,000 visitors per month.
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