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Sales Restrictions

• US Citizens:

Flight Helmet, LLC is able to sell any items to citizens of the United States with a US address. Since we do not carry or sell firearms or any type of dangerous ordinance, there are no limitations. Helmets and other items under the US Government shipping restriction list are not exportable- if you purchase one of those items, you are guaranteeing that the item will not be sent out of the US. All terms of sale apply.

• Foreign Citizens:

Flight Helmet, LLC is restricted by the US Government on what items can be sent out of the United States. Since we carry some current issue military surplus, we are not currently able to send helmets and certain items overseas because of export regulations. Although the items we sell do not pose a terrorism threat to our country or any other countries, the US Government has put a 'blanket status' on most military surplus as a dangerous item and we must follow this law. We are able to send vintage helmets and gear out of the US for collecting purposes. We will not send any helmets made after 1975 out of the US, and each helmet prior to that date is up to our discretion. If you are unsure about something, either send an email question or if it is ordered for overseas, we will advise if it can not be sent. We will not ship ANY item to ANY country deemed dangerous by the US government or any country on the Do Not Ship To list.

• US Government:

Flight Helmet, LLC is able to sell any items to military, law enforcement, or other agency of the United States Government. We accept IMPAC cards for payment or purchase orders signed by department head. All terms of sale apply.

• Foreign Governments:

Flight Helmet, LLC does not sell to ANY foreign government. Any Request For Quote (RFQ) will be ignored or replied with "Unable to Assist with Request." There are no exceptions to this policy.

• Export/Wholesale Company:

We will work with companies in the US with US shipping addresses that may be participating in Foreign RFQs or other US Governmental RFQs. Any shipment made to such company is made with the explicit guarantee that proper State Department Export Licenses (if needed) will be obtained. By accepting delivery of goods from Flight Helmet, LLC, such company agrees it is their responsibility that they have/or will have proper export documents or will keep all items in the United States. We will not accept returns if export documents are not granted or obtained or if entity making RFQ backs out on deal.

• APO/Military addresses:

Flight Helmet, LLC will sell to any US military address around the world. This sale is done with the assumption that the person receiving the merchandise is already under military regulations and serving the United States.