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Helicopter Helmet — Customer Testimonial Lightspeed ANR

Customer Testimonial

Joseph H. Stambaugh reviews his helicopter helmet.

by Shawna Bock • November 02, 2020

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"I have included a photo of me wearing my helicopter helmet earlier this summer. I've been flying helicopters since 1988 and have worn flight helmets my entire career performing a variety of work including Electric Utility, Fire Fighting, Aerial Application, Night Vision Goggle (NVG), Flight Instruction, and Charter.

In 2017, I decided to upgrade my Gentex SPH-5 helicopter helmet that was getting pretty worn and had no ANR system. After considering a number of vendors and helicopter helmets, I ultimately decided to go with my helmet that I proudly wear today.

I enjoy the many features that this helmet has to offer to include its lightweight and sturdy design. I have a dual visor system which meets my needs in a variety of lighting conditions and flying environments. I also decided at the time that the Lightspeed ANR was the best choice for my noise attenuating requirements.

The customer service and support I have received from has been superior. When I first purchased the helmet in 2017, I was not doing NVG work. I later sent the helmet back to the company to have the NVG modifications done which included the NVG visor, battery pack mount, and lip light system. Although not shown in this photo, I recently purchased a newer design chin strap that offers a magnetic buckle which I am very pleased with."

-Joseph H. Stambaugh, Jr.
Director of Safety, Helicopter Applicators, Inc.

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