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How Lightspeed ANR Installations In Helmets Work

by Shawna Bock • November 02, 2020

Flight Helmet Communications Upgrades

Adapted from "How Helmet Modifications Work" By Lightspeed Aviation August 05, 2020

A simple 3-step process:

OK, you have decided to upgrade to a fully-featured, premium ANR communication system in your helmet – now what?

Step one: The Helmet

Are you buying a new helmet or retrofitting an existing one?

A Lightspeed ANR system can be installed into either a new or existing helmet. Lightspeed publishes a network of dealers and installers to offer a wide variety of helmet brands and models that your ANR systems work well with. is proud to be a part of that network and can install Lightspeed Zulu H-mod into any of the new helmet models we offer, or we can install Zulu H-Mod into your existing helmet make/model.

Step two: The ANR

Identify the brand and model of the helmet you have or want. For all helmets other than the Gentex HGU-56/P, the universal Zulu H-Mod is the correct solution. As with Lightspeed's history of premium active noise reduction in their headsets, their ANR for helmets solutions provide the same clarity you expect to come from Lightspeed.

Step three: The Install

Congratulations, you've found us! is a certified installer for Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod, and we also hold the distinction of being Lightspeed's first certified installer.

Once installed, you will enjoy years of improved comfort, noise reduction, audio clarity and features with the full confidence of knowing that Lightspeed is backing up the product with a factory authorized three-year warranty.

And lastly, let us know how you like the product, and tell your friends and colleagues about your experience. You can help other pilots experience the same great benefits you will experience!

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Do I need ANR in my helmet?
Can Your Helmet Comms Pass the Test?

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Flight Helmet Communications Upgrades

Helmet Services: Refurbishments, Painting & Graphics, Repair, Upgrades
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How Lightspeed ANR Installations In Helmets Work
Do I need ANR in my helmet?
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