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Lightspeed Testimonial: Peter Wu

Customer Peter Wu talks Lightspeed products and customer service.

As one of's first customers to purchase a helmet with Lightspeed ANR, Peter Wu gives his two sense.

by Georgia Smith • December 09, 2019

Flight Helmet Communications Upgrades

Peter Wu was one of the very first customers to purchase a helmet with integrated Lightspeed ANR, installed by Lightspeed's very first Certified Helmet Installer, The helmet is a New Kevlar Helicopter Flight Helmet with Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod Helmet ANR System Installed. Configured with a dual visor assembly, it has a dark visor for sunny days, and a clear visor for hazy days or nighttime flying, providing protection for your face and eyes in either condition. Peter's helmet has a half flex boom, and a foam microphone windscreen for his microphone. Additionally, the helmet is equipped with an Oregon Aero Zeta Liner, and a styrene energy absorbing liner.

While the helmet is traditionally a helicopter helmet, Peter uses it in his 1965 fixed wing T-34. Operating with a 300hp engine only about two feet in front of him, Peter flies his T-34 with the canopy open, creating for a particularly noisy environment. With Lightspeed ANR in his helmet, “Cockpit communications are crystal clear, and the background noise is minimal. Music sounds great when streamed via bluetooth from my iPhone.” 

The sound is up to par, and the helmet fits like a glove, thanks to our expertise in flight helmets. He continues, “Proper fit is essential to achieving this result, and the Flight Helmet staff provide excellent customer service to make sure this goal is achieved. I liked my helmet so much, I bought a second one for my backseat passenger! The newest version comes with an upgraded braided cord and a heavy duty, all-metal LEMO connector. Both are high value upgrades that prepare the helmet for years of trouble free use.”

Thanks Peter!

To have Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod ANR installed in your current helmet, or to purchase a brand new helmet with Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod ANR already installed, visit our Lightspeed Products page.

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