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Flight Helmet Showcase Welcome to Our Showcase - Browse Past Custom Helmet Builds Showcase: Curt L. - Custom Paint & Passive Noise Reduction. Custom Paint: Curt L. Custom Fixed-Wing with Civilian Commuincations, Custom Paint & Passive Noise Reduction Curt's helmet custom paint is based on the album artwork on the cover of Van Halen's "Best of Both Worlds" with his name in metallic silver vinyl lettering on the back and a final clear coat over the name graphic. The helmet is a Bungee Style Visor Fixed-Wing Flight Helmet with a Dark Bungee Visor, Black Leather Visor Cover, Black Leather Edge Roll, and an Oregon Aero Zeta Liner. It also features the strong but easy-to-release Fidlock Quick Release Magnetic Buckle. The helmet features a passive noise reduction setup, which includes the combination of Oregon Aero Triangular Leather Earcups, Civilian Earphones, and CEPs providing clearer communications than the basic ear seals and earphones do alone. Helmet-Mounted Volume Control makes it easy for him to adjust the sound levels as needed. The helmet also has a David Clark Civilian Microphone on a Half Flex Boom Frame mounted on the right, along with a 36" length Communications Cord with dual G/A plugs and an added Quick Disconnect for safer egress. Shop Custom Fixed-Wing Helmets

"I have about 50 hours now on my custom painted HGU-55 helmet from and wish that I would have bought one much earlier in my warbird flying career. I had the fortune to order in person with John at the Sun N' Fun booth who was very helpful in finding a fit that worked well for my huge head and walked me through all of the options and accessories to make sure that it would come equipped with everything that I needed and wanted. After the initial order, Gerald was super helpful in making the custom Van Halen themed graphics exactly what I wanted and knocked it out of the park on the first try. I now recommend to all of my flying friends because of their selection, durability, customer service, and customization options to fit any type of flying and any size of head." 

-Curt L. 8/2023

Showcase: Brian E. - Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod ANR & Custom Graphics Custom Graphics: Brian E. Custom Fixed-Wing with Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod ANR (Active Noise Reduction) Custom HGU Style Bungee Visor (Dark) Helmet in Glossy Red with a black leather Edge Roll and matching Black Leather Visor Cover. Custom RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) Roundel Graphic done in vinyl on the back of the helmet with the final clear coat securely sealing the graphic. Civilian communications featuring Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod ANR high quality advanced ANR system with Bluetooth capabilities, quick disconnect comm cord, and volume control. A helmet mounted mic boom with a Half Flex Boom Frame and a David Clark Civilian Microphone. Also featuring an integrated chin and nape strap with FidLock Quick Release Magnetic Buckle and leather chin pad/nape pad as well as an Oregon Aero Zeta Liner. Shop Lightspeed Now

"I highly recommend Their service and product are exceptional. 

Received my Helmet in June 2023 and it’s exactly what I thought it was going to be.

One story I have is last year when I was at Oshkosh 2022 I went to FlightHelmet to see if I could purchase a Helmet at the show. I was told by Gerald that they don’t sell helmets at the show but you have to custom order one. They went out of their way to find one in another Hanger that was on display. Ended up the Helmet fit so I purchased it. Come to find out on the last day of the show on Sunday that it wouldn’t fit in a friend of mine’s airplane which is the same kind that I have, an RV-4. The canopy wouldn’t close due to the Helmet hitting it. I quickly went back to Gerald and told him and he immediately took the Helmet back and we custom-ordered mine. I originally picked out a blue one then again went back and changed it to Glossy Red to match my seats. I was very happy with the service I received at Oshkosh and knew that I had made the right choice with Flight Hemet.


-Brian E.

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