Secure Checkout's First Blog Post's First Blog Post

Flight's initial blog post which explains the rationale for starting a blog and describes what types of blog posts can be expected in the future.

by scot ranney • May 01, 2019

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This blog post is the beginning of a new way that will be able to provide meaningful, interesting, and informative content to our customers.  The idea of blogging originated as a way to migrate our static informational web pages from our old website to our new mobile-friendly website that was just launched earlier this year. Once we started to think about having a blog on the site, we realized there were many other ways that we could utilize the blog to benefit our customers.  So in addition to using the blog as a migration tool, we will also be posting new content that will cover a wide range of topics, including posts about:

- Current helmet projects that we're working on to give customers ideas on what they might like done to their helmets

- Custom flight helmet painting and graphics jobs that we've completed for customers

- New products and services that we have available

- Flight helmet history and examples of original vintage flight helmets that still survive today

- Information about other flight gear, clothing, equipment, and related items

- Show schedules and travel updates to keep customers informed on ways they can visit us in person for helmet sizing, view products, have questions answered, etc.

We are excited about venturing into the modern world of blogging and we're sure we'll come up with even more things to blog about than is listed above. Stay tuned for our next Blogpost!

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Oxygen Mask Communications Setup
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