Display Head, Styrofoam

Display Head, Styrofoam

Code: DH-0001


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Product Description

"These are the same male headforms you will see used in the digital pictures with the helmets for sale. Perfect for display or storage. Made of pressed Styrofoam beads with skin-tone pigment added. Stands about 10"" tall and is very stable with a helmet and mask placed on it. Perfect for displaying headgear, and they fit most size items. (For early soft flight helmets we recommend that you cut the ears off though.) Pricing is $9 per individual head or $65 per case of 8 heads. We also offer this same product in good used condition, both with ears and with the ears already removed for use with early soft flight helmets. We also have a limited supply of new condition white male display heads, similar to the flesh tone heads but slightly taller. Please select by choosing the appropriate dropdown menu.

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