Wave Off | A US Navy F-14 Tomcat on short final in pea soup fog, almost hits an A-6 Intruder with his wing.
Taxi Out | Proof that the US Airmen are in need of some attention from women while in the Desert.
Thunderbird Crash | From the pilot's view, he was given the wrong field elevation for his loop and came out a little short.
Thunderbird Crash | From the ground view, same incident as above, pilot ejected at last moment after making sure he was not going to hit anything. He survived. Listen as the other Thunderbirds see the crash and call "Knock it Off".
Partial Ejection during A6 Landing | Video shows a partial ejection from an A6 during a carrier landing.
Super Fly By | Listen to the sonic boom of a low level fly by as heard from the deck of an aircraft carrier.