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New Kevlar Helicopter Flight Helmet with Bose A20 ANR Communications - Choose Color
New Kevlar Helicopter Flight Helmet with Bose A20 ANR Communications - Choose Color Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $2,895.00
Helmet Color:
Helmet Graphics: Name or Call Sign On Rear:
Chin Strap Style:
Visor Type:
Helmet Graphics: Checkerboard Visor Housing:
Cord and Plug Configuration:
Optional Quick Disconnect:
Boom Microphone:
Boom Microphone Windscreen:
Boom Microphone Lip Light:
Night Vision Goggles:
Night Vision Goggles Battery Pack:
Helmet Bag:
New Kevlar Helicopter Helmet with Bose A20 ANR Communications Installed. FlightHelmet.com is proud offer the Bose A20 communications system installed in our flight helmets. Our conversion of the Bose A20 headset has NOT been tested by Bose but our conversion and installation has been engineered to be of a high quality and to maintain the Bose A20 performance. FlightHelmet.com is not an authorized Bose dealer and Bose does not endorse the use of Bose A20 product in helmets. The Bose factory warranty is voided when the headset is converted and installed into a helmet. The Bose A20 system is available with civilian impedance communications and either straight or coiled cord with either G/A dual plugs, U-174 single plug, or LEMO plug. All systems come standard with the Bose A20 control box which includes volume control and blue tooth device connectivity. The LEMO plug option can use panel power for powering the ANR system and the control box on the LEMO, G/A plugs and single plug cords all can power the ANR system with 2 AA batteries. The helmet comes standard with civilian microphone. As with our other helmets of this style, we offer it with either dual visor or single visor. The lightweight and strong Kevlar shell is an upgrade from the fiberglass shell of the old SPH-4 helmet. This helmet comes standard with an impact styrene liner, black ear cup retention and chin strap assembly with fixed strap on one side and double buckle adjustment on the other. Choose size Extra Large or Regular. Helmet can be customized to any configuration by choosing options when placing the order.


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