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Dr. Hennie Kritzinger (R) and Fritz Adriaanse from South Africa are shown next to a powered paraglider. They were flying around the South East coast near the Great Brak River.

Air Force Reservist Jake Boehm from Carlinville, IL is shown with a couple 2000 pound Mk87 bombs prior to loading them up on one of the Illinois Air National Guard's F-16 Fighting Falcons.

Morrie W (R) and Dave H from K Troop of the Australian SAS are shown prior to a HALO jump. They are wearing MC-5 parachutes and MBU-12/P oxygen masks.

Dean Zinter from Tigard, Oregon is shown flying his Cessna T-41. He is wearing an APH-5A flight helmet converted to civilian avionics. His T-41 is painted to Ft Rucker US Army training colors.

Sara Wilkins (L) from Houston, Texas and Lindsey Snow (R) from Virden, IL are shown trying on an HGU-33/P and HGU-68/P respectively during a recent visit to FH.com HQ in Carlinville. 

This German collector is shown in full flight gear for the Tornado aircraft. He is wearing the HGU-55/G with correct MBU-5/P, life preserver and flight suit.

Chris Nally from the Australian SASR is shown here with other team members during a jump from 25,000 feet.  They are wearing HGU-55/P HALO helmets with MBU-12/P oxygen masks.

Another photo of Chris Nally jumping out at 25,000 feet over the North Western Australia coast.  The jump was made out of a TC-130 Combat Talon.

A nice formation photo of Chris Nally and other team members from K Troop of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. They are at a little under 25,000 feet at this point over North Western Australia.  
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