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Dean Zinter from Oregon shows off the interior of his T-41 Cessna. His aircraft is painted to Ft Rucker US Army training markings which has won many awards.

Phil Buckley from NSW Australia is shown wearing his HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P oxygen mask. He is also wearing an Air Force leather A-2 flight jacket.

Ben Powers is shown during flight on his last ride in a T-6 Texan from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Ben is wearing an HGU-68/P.

Michel Saucier out of Southern Mississippi is shown on the jet intake of an Air Force F-15 Eagle in Pensacola. She just graduated college with a 3.96 GPA with the goal of  flying in the WSO position on an F-15E.

Alan Hershkowitz out of New York City is shown wearing his SV-2B Naval survival vest with LPU-21B/P Life Preserver and MA-2 torso harness. His vest is stocked with some survival gear including the PRC-90 radio. 

Aviation author David Brown is shown prior to a flight in a US Air Force A-7 from the 112th TFW from the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in November 1989. He is wearing PCU-15 and CSU-15/P.

Michel Saucier is shown at the young age of 13 in an F-4 Phantom ejection seat while visiting the US Naval Museum in Pensacola. She is wearing an HGU-33/P helmet and MBU-14/P mask. 

Franck Bebel is a flight gear collector from Lyon, France. He is shown in his 1960s French fighter pilot set. The set includes Gueneau 312 helmet with A13 mask, Aerazur 32 life preserver and Aerazur type 818 anti-g garment.

Ben "BenDog" Powers out of Fallon, Nevada, is shown "hand-starting" a US Navy S-2 Tracker aircraft.  
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