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'BoNes' out of the Chicago area is shown in his VF-103 desert flight gear set for sorties in the F-14 Tomcat.

Capt. Hector Alicea from Puerto Rico is the Civil Air Patrol's SAR/DR Mission Pilot. He is wearing his Kelvar HGU-55/P w/ lip light and Mustang MSV971 Integrated Aircrew Life Preserver. His vest is also equipped with the HEEDs bottle.

From Spain, Juan Castellano's girlfriend is shown wearing (or suffering in, from her point of view) his ZsH-5M Russian flight helmet with KM-34 oxygen mask. 

Don Smith out of Houston, TX wearing his high altitude pressure suit and is shown with his nice helmet collection including Blue Angel PRKs, MK-2 pressure helmet, and HGU-20/P. 

Karl Bastow from Sydney Australia is shown wearing his HGU-55/P flight helmet and MBU-12/P oxygen.

BoNes and his sister out of the Chicago area are shown prior to a flight. She is wearing his VF-84 HGU-33/P and BoNes is sporting his VF-103 HGU-55/P.

Joe Mancini out of Winter Haven, Florida is shown with his HGU-33/P flight helmet recently painted in the Thunderbirds scheme. 

Future Naval Aviator, Joshua Krebs from St Cloud, FL is shown at The Orlando International Airport B-52 Park (ex-McCoy Air Force Base). He is outfitted in VF-103 Jolly Rogers squadron gear, including HGU-33/P & MBU oxygen mask.

Choi Kong Sun from Korea is shown wearing his full Combat Edge flight gear for his flight in an KF-16 Fighting Falcon. Shown is the CE HGU-55/P and MBU-20/P oxygen mask. http://www.f16korea.com 
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