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Jim Moriarty is shown in front of one of the Israeli A-4 Skyhawks he is bringing from overseas. This particular aircraft is the 2 seat version TA-4. The aircraft uses the same equipment as the US Navy aircraft do, so the MA-2 harness is used, MBU-14/P oxygen mask. 

Phil Buckley is shown at the Bankstown Airport in Sydney Australia in front of a nice DC-3. 

Kristy Morelock (aka: Scared Rabbit) out of Virden, IL is shown testing out an HGU-68/P and MBU-12/P at Flighthelmet.com headquarters. 

Tony Asis from California recently took a flight in a Polish Jet Trainer, here he is photographed next to the chase aircraft.  

Santiago Aversa from Chicago, Illinois and his father, Dr. Aversa, are shown on the flight deck of Argentine MEKO 360H2 DDG next to Fennec helicopter used for over the horizon targeting.

Maurizio "Shark" Bressan out of Italy is shown in a CWU-27/P flight suit and holding an HGU-26/P.

SSG John Levanger (R) from Savannah, Georgia is shown prior to the last flight of the OV-1 Mohawk in Korea at Camp Humphreys. The unit was A Co. 3D MI BN (AE). 

Kristy "Scared Rabbit" Morelock is from Virden, IL and she is shown wearing an unissued SPH-4B while testing the comms.

Phil Buckley from New South Wales, Australia is shown wearing his US Air Force HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.  
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