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Santiago Aversa from Chicago, IL is shown in the cockpit of an A-4 Skyhawk. Santiago is wearing a G-1 flight jacket with squadron patches. 

Maurizio "Shark" Bressan from Italy is shown in his CWU-27/P flight suit and holding his HGU-2A/P camouflage taped flight helmet. 

Tony Asis from San Bruno, California is shown out on the flight line prior to his flight in a Polish Jet Trainer. Tony is wearing an HGU-2A/P helmet, SRU-21/P vest, and other flight gear.

SSG John Levanger from Savannah, Georgia is shown in the observer's seat of an OV-1 Mohawk from A Co. 3D MI BN (AE) based at Camp Humphreys in Korea. He is wearing an HGU-55/P. 

Anthony Asis from California is shown in the back seat of an OKL-TS-11 Iskra Polish Jet Trainer during a port banking maneuver prior to landing back at Santa Barbara, California.

This nice photo was sent in by David Cenciotti during a Low Level Navigational Training Sortie. David is in an Italian Air Force  TF-104G-M. He is wearing an HGU-55/G and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.

Tony Asis is shown inverted in a Polish Jet Trainer during an aileron roll over California. 

Kristy "Ice Woman" Morelock from Virden, Illinois is shown in a Martin Baker MK-H7 US Air Force F-4 Phantom II ejection seat. She is wearing a custom HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P oxygen mask. 

Here is a photo of Tony Asis from San Bruno, CA during his flight as taken from the chase plane. 
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