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Maxime Michuad flies with the 15th Wing out of Moose Jaw Military Base in Saskatchewan, Canada- he is shown in the back seat of a Canadian CF-18 Hornet.  Max is wearing a dual visor HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P oxygen mask. 

Steve Smith, "Bubba 1" sent another photo of his Air Force Junior NC-43 class out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. They were visiting the Confederate Air Force museum. This aircraft is a Navy N2 Stearman bi-wing training airplane. 

Vittorio "Comrad" Primultini, back in his home country of Italy, is shown wearing his US Air Force fighter flight gear which includes HGU-55/P flight helmet, MBU-12/P oxygen mask, SRU-21/P survival vest, g-suit, and flight suit.

Doug Stoneman is all dressed up with no place to go in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He says he "parked his F-18 and now he can't remember where." Doug is wearing an HGU-55/P flight helmet, MBU-12/P oxygen mask, and associated flight gear. 

GySgt Tien Nguyen from Encino, California, is shown with his collection of flight helmets- some including an APH-6A, HGU-33/P, Russian ZsH-7, ZsH-5, ZsH-3. At the top are a couple Star Wars helmets. 

George Siriyothin from Sante Fe Springs, California, is shown at his office Halloween party in his US Navy pilot flight gear set. He is wearing an HGU-33/P, MBU-14/P oxygen mask, MA-2 Torso harness, gloves, gsuit. 

Jochen Schaefer, from Germany, is shown in his original flight gear set of a German Tornado pilot from "JaboG38 Friesland." Jochen's gear includes- German HGU-55/G flight helmet, MBU-5/P with water activated release clip, Secumar 10HLA survival vest, CSU-3/P and German aramid flight suit.

Steve Dean, of Boynton Beach, FL, wearing his custom painted camouflage HGU/26 flight helmet, CWU/45 flight jacket, CWU/27 flight suit, and Nomex gloves.

BoNes is shown in the gunner seat of an AH-64A Apache attack helicopter on a recent visit to a joint airbase. 
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