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Anthony Asis out of San Bruno, California is shown in his Commo Pit wearing his SPH-4 and SRU-21/P survival vest. 

Here is BoNes again- he is shown next to an F/A-18E Super Hornet at NAS Oceana "Fighter Country, USA".

Caleb Pal is shown with the SRU-36/P HEEDs (Helicopter Emergency Egress Device). They provide around 5 minutes of emergency air. 

Ingo Senft is a Tornado Mechanic with Fighter Bomber Wing 33 based in Büchel, Germany. Ingo is shown next to a Tornado aircraft at Decimomannu Air Base in Italy.

Japan is the home of Fuminori Nozawa and his son, Shun. They are shown with his collection of flight helmets. Fuminori is wearing his HGU-68/P and Shun has a nice SPH-3B helicopter helmet.   

Phil Buckley out of Australia is shown in his CWU-45/P flight jacket fitted out with many squadron patches. 

Anthony Asis out of San Bruno, California is shown with his Co-Pilot "Poncho." Tony is wearing his Army SPH-4 and Flak vest.

Science teacher Clay Carkin from Freeport Middle School in Maine sent in this photo of a few of his students (and his dog "Molly") in assorted flight and military gear.  

Major "Croc" Le Clair out of France sent in this photo of a USMC helo pilot and deck crew member from around 1966. This and  a few of the following photos will be in Militaria Magazine in France.
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