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CW3 Martin is shown wearing the new RAH-66 Comanche HIDSS [Helmet Integrated Display Sighting System]. He is the Comanche System Safety Officer and Human Factors Engineering Manager. The photos were taken a the US Army Aviation Research Laboratory, Fort Rucker, AL prior to the crash dynamics testing on the helmet.

Robby Bryant and son are shown dressed up ready for a fun evening of trick-or-treating during Halloween 2002. Robby is wearing VF-1 flight gear.

Chris Jones sent in this photo of his son Buzz Jones hanging out in his F-4 ejection seat and holding a HGU-22/P w/ MBU-5/P. Website: www.snafudiecast.com

WW2 collector James Thomas from Lawrenceville, Georgia sent in a photo of his son Johnathan with his SPH-4 helmet, K-2B flight suit and holster.

Mike Fluck of Germany sent in this picture he took from the backseat of an F-4 Phantom from the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) squadron JG 71 Richthofen stationed in Wittmund

Jerry Bielsma of the Netherlands is shown in an F-16 Simulator. He is wearing HGU-55/P, MBU-12/P, PCU-15A/P and SRU-21 vest. Website: www.viperflight.nl

Brandon Hogan is shown in formation over California with another T-28C. Brandon is wearing a USN HGU-55/P and HGU-4/P sunglasses.

BoNes is shown on the ground after a parachute drop while wearing his VF-84 US Navy flight gear.

William Harlan flies out of Beaumont, Texas and is shown wearing his SPH-4 flight helmet at the controls of his Drifter MU-582 Ultralight Trainer. 
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