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Miroslav Sekulic is a flight gear collector from Yugoslavia. Here he in shown in full YUAF flight gear including Gueneau 316 and Ulmer oxygen mask.

Enrico Cabas out of Gorizia, Italy is shown at a reenactors meeting in his WW2 pilot gear.

Kevin Holbrook (L) and Victor Myrick are shown exiting the Otter aircraft during a training jump from 20,000 feet. They are using their HGU-55/Ps and MBU oxygen masks, Airox III regulators and twin 55 bailout assemblies.

Mark Stise from Indianapolis, Indiana has just started collecting flight gear and is wearing his HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.

Jochen Schaefer out of Germany is shown in the pilot seat of a US Air Force F-15C stationed in Germany. Jochen is wearing an HGU-55/P flight helmet and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.

Kevin Holbrook (bottom left) sent in a photo of the Tennessee High Altitude Jump record holders [30,850 ft AGL on 22-JUL-02] in their flight gear including HGU-55/Ps and MBU-5, 12, and 20/P oxygen masks. Top row L to R are Steve Hawthorne, Paul Cozic, Senior Chief Ben Crowell and Erick French.  Bottom row L to R are Kevin Holbrook, Charles McIntrye, and Victor Myrick.

Miroslav's son Joki Sekulic is shown holding his HGU-33/P and standing next to a Yugoslavian G-2.

Chris Terrell from AFROTC DET 510 UNM Albuquerque, NM is shown in full F-15 flight gear- HGU-55/P, MBU-12/P, PCU-15. 

Kevin Holbrook and Victor Myrick show the Stars & Stripes on their way down during freefall on their record setting jump of 30,850 feet AGL.  
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