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Paul Taylor from Sunny Southern California is sporting his VF-103 marked HGU-68/P flight helmet and MBU-12/P oxygen mask during a flight in an L-29 Delfin in April 2002. Paul does beautiful squadron marked custom reflective taping- Email

Erwin Meier from Haarlem, Netherlands, is shown in the cockpit of a Dutch F-16 J-057. For this flight, he is using his flight gear consisting of Combat Edge HGU-55/P & MBU-20/P with CRU-94 oxygen block. Also the PCU-15A/P can be seen. 

Antoine Givaudon from France is shown wearing his French AF Flight suit and US SRU-21/P survival vest. He is shown with 2 Mirage F1CR pilots of the French air forçe Fighter sqdn 3/33 "Lorraine" Démo team  "Voltige Victor" at Nancy Ochey AFB.

Frédéric Perez (33) is from Saint-Etienne, France and is a collector of US military aviation items and- here he is shown wearing his HGU-33/P from VF-84 Jolly Rogers. 

Bill Barto and his son work at the Cradle of Aviation Museum at Mitchel Field in Long Island, New York. The are pictured at an A-6E Sim and the museum recently got their own F-14 Tomcat. Click here: http://www.cradleofaviation.org

Terry "Auger" Treiber of North Carolina is shown in this vintage photo wearing an HGU-2A/P flight helmet and MBU-5/P oxygen mask. 

Future Marine Corps Corpral, Joshua Krebs from St Cloud, FL is shown in his USMC dress uniform.

Arnaud Splingart from France is shown in his flight gear consisting of Gueneau 458 with Ulmer oxygen mask. 

Martin Gerner a flight gear collector from Germany is shown wearing his HGU-55/P flight helmet and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.  
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