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Lyle "Tilt" Katchur shown in the backseat of a CF-18 at 4 Wing Cold Lake in Alberta, Canada where he got to take a flight in Jan 2002. He is wearing a Canadian Gentex 190a (similar to the HGU-55) and standard MBU-12/P oxygen mask. 

Chris Brooke is a collector out of Worcestershire, United Kingdom- here he is shown with his HM-14 SPH-3B and flight gear.

BoNes is shown again in his VF-103 flight gear out on the tarmac after a flight. He is wearing his HGU-55/P, MBU-14/P, MA-2, and SV-2B survival vest. 

Choi Kong Sun standing near the exhaust of a KF-16 Fighting Falcon on an Air Base in Korea. He is wearing the PCU-15A/P ejection torso harness. http://www.f16korea.com 

Jimmy Booker is currently a helicopter pilot in training for the Army out of Ft Rucker. Jimmy has completed basic flight and instrument is next. He is holding his HGU-56/P flight helmet.

Robbert van Staveren from Holland is on the right in full German fighter pilot gear including Tiger Meet HGU-55/P, MBU-5/P oxygen mask, and torso harness. The other pilot is wearing WW2 vintage German flight gear. 

Simon Martin is a Flight Paramedic in Ontario, Canada. Shown here with his  Nomex flightsuit, Crew lifejacket and SPH-5 flight helmet. Kneeling next to their Sikorsky S-76 aka "Bandage 3".


Svein A. Sletten a collector out of Norway is shown in his APH-6 flight helmet, CWU-27/P flight suit, SV-2B survival vest with contents, and MA-2 torso harness. 
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