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Tony Asis from out of California is shown with his Korean era flight gear including- P-4 flight helmet, A-14 mask, radio vest, and URC-4 survival radio with battery. 

Fritz Adriaanse out of Bloemfontein, South Africa is shown next to his motorized paraglider. He is wearing a custom painted HGU-33/P flight helmet and is wearing a CWU-27/P flight suit.

Chris Nally and another jumper from the Australian SAS are shown wearing MS22001 oxygen masks and T-1 leather HALO helmet (R) and an unidentified hard shell HALO helmet after a jump in the 1980s.

Fuminori Nozawa and his son Shun out of Japan enjoy collecting flight helmets. Shun is shown here with their new APH-6C while getting a little simulator time in.   

Phil Buckley from NSW Australia is shown wearing a 1995 dated 2 piece Nomex flight suit he got from a RAAF Loadmaster. 

Clay Carkin recently visited the RAF Museum in Hendon. He is shown next to the B-17 display complete with aircraft and flight crew arriving in a jeep. 

My good friend USAFR Airman Jake Boehm from Carlinville, IL is shown in the cockpit of one of the Fighting Illini's F-16 Falcons from the 183rd TFW based at Springfield, IL.  

Chris Nally from the Australian SAS shown in full para-jumper gear. He is wearing a Bell HALO helmet and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.  

Mike Moore out of Seaford, Delaware is shown wearing an early HGU-33/P. He has refinished the helmet exactly as one from VF-84 Jolly Rogers that can be found in the US Navy museum. 
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