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Martin Ingold out of Switzerland is shown strapped into his ACES II ejection seat out of an F-16 aircraft. Martin is wearing full Combat Edge equipment. 

Marino Galassi is shown over NW Italy near the French border over the Italian Alps at 29,000 feet and .95 Mach. This photo was during an acceptance test of a TF-104GM.

James Moriarty is shown in the back seat of a Israeli TA-4 Skyhawk aircraft. Jim is currently ferrying several A-4 Skyhawks from Israel to the US. He is wearing an HGU-55/P flight helmet.

Vicente Bencomo from Canary Islands, Spain is shown here with his very rare IHADSS [Integrated Helmet And Display Sighting System] equipment. This type of helmet is used on the Apache helicopter. 

Phil Buckley out of Australia is shown next to a beautiful MiG-17 at an airshow at Bankstown Airport in Sydney.  

Miroslav Sekulic out of Serbia/Yugoslavia is show prior to his first parachute jump. He is wearing a P-3 flight helmet with visor removed and a CWU-27/P flight suit. 

Clay Carkin's Science class gets a visit from a National Guard helicopter crew at Freeport Middle School in Maine. The class is awarding the crew with a plaque to say thanks.

Bones is decked out in his Jolly Rogers flight gear and standing on the ramp next to one of VF-103's F-14B (upgraded) Tomcats. 

Miroslav Sekulic is shown just after leaving the aircraft during his first parachute jump. He is wearing an older P-3 flight helmet with the rigid visor removed.  
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