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John Waldron, is a collector from University Place, Washington State. He is shown with his Naval flight gear, including: 27/P flight suit, CSU-13 g-suit, MA-2 torso harness, LPU life preserver, MBU-14/P and mint HGU-55/P that is going in for its reflective tape job soon. 

Martin Ingold, from Switzerland, shown in his US Navy flight gear. His set includes: HGU-68/P, MBU-14/P REDAR, modified MA-2 torso harness with Koch fittings, Gsuit, and gloves. 

Mark Sindiong out of Honolulu, Hawaii, is shown wearing a ZsH-7APN, KM-34D-2 oxygen mask, and camouflage Russian flight suit.  

This is Mark Sindiong's girlfriend wearing a Russian high altitude set, including GsH-6A helmet, BKK-6M suit.

Fritz Adriaanse out of South Africa is shown with his parasail and motor. In the photo, he is wearing a Alluett helicopter helmet. 

Here is a photo of "BoNes" out on the VF-103 flight line at "Master Jet Base" also known as "Fighter Country USA"-  Naval Air Station Oceana.

Maxime Michaud is stationed at Moose Jaw Military Base in Saskatchewan, Canada. Max is shown entering the cockpit of a Canadian CT-114 Tutor Jet Trainer (the Snowbirds also fly this type Aircraft), he is wearing his HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.  

Steve Smith, "Bubba 1" sent in this photo of his Air Force Junior NC-43 class. They were visiting the Confederate Air Force museum. This aircraft is a Korean vintage F-4U Corsair. 

Doug Eastman from Denver, Colorado, is shown somewhere over New Mexico in the back seat of a friend's F-100 Super Sabre. He is wearing an aggressor squadron taped HGU-33/P flight helmet and MBU-12/P oxygen mask.
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