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Ben Powers from VFA-201 is shown working the deck on the JFK aircraft carrier while on Reserve duty in May.

Eric Weed is shown with Critical Air Medicine's Bell 206 L3 Long Ranger. The crews are based in outlying airfields to where emergency response can be quicker in remote areas. 

Reg McGraw out of Birmingham, Alabama is shown wearing his Blue Angel demonstration team flight helmet. The helmet is an HGU-55/P with EEK-4 visor assembly and gold visor.

Sven Scheffers out of the Netherlands, is shown wearing his Gentex "Cobra" helicopter helmet. The Royal Netherlands Air Force uses this helmet on the Bo-105CB & Alouette III helicopter.

Chris Brooke out of the UK is shown in his Alpha Mk 10a with P type Oxygen mask. This helmet was used by 74th Squardron of the  British Royal Air Force flying the Phantom FGR.Mk2 out of RAF Wattisham during the late 80's, early 90's.

Mark Sindiong out of beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, is shown geared up and strapped into his Martin Baker MK-7A ejection seat. Mark is wearing his HGU-55/P w/ MBU-12/P oxygen mask.

Eric Weed, a staff Flight Nurse out of San Antonio, Texas, is shown with his SPH-4 flight helmet.  He flies for Critical Air Medicine, which has bases in 5 states. 

Chris Brooke is a collector from the UK. Here he is shown in his HGU-26/P with MBU-5/P mask. The helmet is original squadron marked from No 31 (Tigers) & No 23 (Devils) of the 10th Wing of the Belgian Air Force flying F-16As out of Kleine Brogel.

Ben Powers is part of the Naval Reserve and also volunteers at the Cavnaugh Flight Museum. He is shown wearing his HGU-55/P & MBU-12/P mask plus all of the USN flight gear. The USAF F-4 Phantom is a MiG Killer from the Vietnam War.
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