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Vicente Bencomo is out of the Canary Islands, Spain. Vicente is wearing his Russian ZsH-7AP and in the background we can see a HGU-33/P and HGU-26/P with masks.

Jacky Shen, out of Taiwan, is shown wearing his CWU-36/P jacket, flight gloves, and HGU-2A/P flight helmet that is equiped with EEK-4 visor housing and bayonet clip boom mike assembly.

2nd Lt. David "Cencio" Cenciotti out of Rome, Italy is shown piloting an Italian Air Force MB-339A on a training sortie. Cencio is wearning an APH-6B dual visor helmet and an MBU-12/P oxygen mask. He now flys with an HGU-55/G.

Sven Scheffers from De Lier, The Netherlands is shown with his HGU-33/P Aggressor Squadron flight helmet. This helmet is the first helmet in Sven's collection.

Ben Powers, based at NAS Ft Worth, Texas, is shown on the deck of the aircraft carrier John F Kennedy in May. Ben is a trouble shooter for VFA-201.

Martin Ingold from Switzerland, is shown in his helicopter pilot flight gear. Some of the items include SV-2, SPH-4, LPU-21/P, flight gloves and suit.

Chris Gilman, Pres. of Global Effects Inc, sent in this interesting photo of assorted high altitude flight suits and helmets. Some are original units, some are identical copies- can you tell which is which??

Phil Buckley from Australia is shown in his flight gear- Australian flight suit, flight gloves, HGU-55/P, MBU-12/P, SRU-21/P vest, and Gsuit.

Martin Ingold out of Switzerland is shown in his US Air Force Combat Edge equipment. The set includes ejection harness w/ Frost fittings, LPU-9/P, CSU-17/P vest, MBU-20/P CE mask, HGU-55/P CE helmet, CRU-94/P block, SRU-21/P survival vest.
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