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Martin Ingold of Switzerland, is shown in his complete US Air Force pilot set. The set includes: HGU-55/P, MBU-12/P, CRU-60/P, SRU-21/P with all correct survival equipment, CSU-13B/P G-suit, flight gloves, and torso harness.
Jeff Guidry posing in flight gear on an F-16 Falcon.

Vittorio "Comrad" Primultini out of Livermore, California (originally from Italy) is shown after his first solo flight in the Pitts. Vittorio is a flight instructor with Attitude Aviation.

Raka, out of Australia is shown in his full flight gear equipment, connected to his GRU-7/A F-14 Tomcat ejection seat.

Franco Manini, from Rome, Italy, is shown in his Italian 1960s jet pilot outfit- P-4 flight helmet w/ MS22001 oxygen mask, G-4 anti-g suit, AER Mae West vest.

Franco Manini, from Rome, Italy, is shown in his Italian F-51 pilot set- including AN-H-15 flight helmet, A-14 oxygen mask, & B-8 goggles.

AZ2 Nelson from San Bruno, CA is shown on the deck of CG-57 USS Lake Champlain in the South China Sea, currently on WESPAC. Behind him is a SH-60B helicopter.

Charlie Mauz, from Wilson, NC, is a 3rd year cadet at the Air Force Academy. In the photo, Charlie is standing next to the .50cal on the ramp of the 20th SOS's Pave Low IIIs. He is holding his SPH-4AF flight helmet.

Matthias Lemmerer out of Austria is shown on the wing of his Yak 52. Matthias is wearing a 'chute and holding an HGU-2 flight helmet.
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