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A Brazilian Air Force cadet at Pirassununga AB, 1988, Brazil. A-1 Attack Jet made by Italy & Brazil. He wears a Gentex HGU-2/P helmet and an MBU-5/P oxygen mask. Name withheld for security.

France is the home of Vincent Leteurtrois, shown here in the back seat of a French Air Force Fouga Magister in 1989, wearing a Gueneau 458 w/ Ulmer 82 mask.

George Siriyothin (L), from Pico Rivera, California, and his nephew Chad are shown their new flight helmets. George is wearing a HGU-55/P & MBU-12/P and Chad is wearing an HGU-33/P from VF-84 with MBU-5/P.

Nat Coleman out of Atlanta, Georgia, is shown in his 1980s Combat Edge prototype gear. Combat Edge gear is widely used currently.

Robert Crowder, 13 years old, from Colorado Springs, CO, is shown wearing his grandpaw's Vietnam War used APH-6B & MS22001. The other gear Bob has collected over the last year.

Phillip Buckley out of Thornleigh, Australia, sent in this photo showing some of his flight gear.

Miguel Andrews out of Washington State is shown before his first solo flight in the R22 mini-helicopter. Miguel traded "stick-time" for a little labor with a cropdusting buddy.

Dave Eachon, from Lakeland, Florida, is shown preflighting his Mk-9 Spitfire kit aircraft. See the construction on the website!

Robbie Bolger is shown on Christmas day in Morrison, Colorado, putting on his new flight helmet and oxygen mask (don't we all remember how excited we were at our first helmet?). Robbie's mom, Sue, writes "He just loves it and wears it constantly!"
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