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Michael Moore of Seaford, Delaware sent in this photograph of his son, Carter, decked out in Thunderbird flight gear.

Mike Graham, out of Key West, Florida, loves to collect Russian flight gear. Here he is shown in his GsH-6 set, as displayed after ejection and under canopy.

Who do the aircrews rely on when they go down and are in trouble? ParaResue or PJs are always ready to go into any situation. As shown by the photos, they go in packing! This PJ is on active duty and name withheld for security.

Gerry Asher (R) flew with Col. Wayne Holum (L) of the 51st Fighter Wing out of Osand. They first met 20 yrs prior, both assigned in an F-4E. Holum was the first guy to fly right wing in the F-16 for the Thunderbirds.

Chris Iavarone (L), from Torrance, California, took an incentive flight in an F-16D out of Luke AFB, Arizona- 62nd Fighter Squadron. The flight was a 2.1 hour multi-role training mission.

Dave Mattsson is shown during another ejection scenario. Relaxing under a full canopy after punching out. Below him is his survival gear- raft and misc. survival items. All rigged to deploy at a certain altitude.

Chad out of Pico Rivera, California is shown with an SPH-4 from the 1st Air Cav.

Carter Moore shown giving thumbs up to dad, Michael, who shot the photo. The future Thunderbird lead solo #5 is out of Seaford, Delaware.
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