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Tom Sled posing with the Bandit and holding his APH-5A from his tour in Vietnam flying Hueys.

Bones taking time off during a ferry flight of an F-14B Tomcat.

Tracy Wilkinson is a reserve Naval Aircrewman flying the P-3C UDIII ISAR out of NAS Whidbey Island, WA. In the photo, he is performing an arm-ord initialization just prior to launch for a tactical mission over the north Pacific. Tracy is wearing an SV-2B w/ LPU-21. 

Air Force Lt. "Bull", at his base in *classified*, holding his HGU-55/P just before a flight. Bull is always ready to take his F-15E anywhere in the world to distribute ordnance for the United States of America.

Owen Miller (R) of Pensacola, Florida, sent in some of the first shots of the SB2U-2 at Pensacola. Les Schnyder (L) is division head for the restoration volunteers.

Dave Mattsson (R), out of Bloomington, Minnesota, is shown with his friend who owns the Czech L-39 Albatross. They were doing some high-G work out of Siren, Wisconsin.

Capt. Steve "Wildkat" Wilson (Ret) is shown holding his HGU-22 and MBU-5/P. Steve is fabricating an F-16 cockpit called MAFSiX-

Dave Mattsson in the Crew Chief/Tech Observer seat of an OV-1 Mohawk on the downwind leg in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mike Mancuso suited up in his Vietnam vintage helicopter Crew Chief gear. This is the typical "combat assault" kit. The kit consists of SPH-4, 2 piece Nomex flight suit, "chicken plate" Aircrew Body Armor (all dated 1971) and GS-FRP/1 Nomex gloves (dated 1972).
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