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Investigator Joe Pevey, callsign "Sheriff's Air 3," out of Biloxi, Mississippi is shown holding his custom SPH-4 Air Ops helmet. He has reflective SHERIFF lettering and his callsign on the rear, plus a lip light & TPL.

This is Bones, also know as "Bones," he is doing a high G maneuver at 2500 AGL. He is wearing an HGU-33/P with MBU-12/P modified for civ or mil electronics.

Tracy Wilkinson out of Washington state is a licensed helicopter pilot in civilian life & a USNR P-3 crewmember. Tracy is standing in front of an R-22 Beta ship with his 3 year old daughter Isabel.

Maj. Steve Smith standing beside an F-4 Phantom of the 48th Fighter Squadron stationed in Zaragoza, Spain, after an orientation flight in 1990.


Maj. Steve Smith of North Carolina is shown wearing his summer flight helmet, A-14 oxygen mask, and 6530 goggles.  Steve is also wearing his A2 flight jacket with Flying Tiger patch.

Bones wearing HGU-33/P, MBU-12/P, MA-2, SV-2B w/ LPU-23/P, g-suit, flight boots, and gloves.

Ezio Gennaro sent in this photo of flight to the Matterhorn, Swiss Alps.

Lele in his PA 28-161, as photographed by Ezio, cruising easy, taking in all of the scenery and keeping a good altitude buffer above the peaks.
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