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The P/C is starting the "Go Aircraft" here, as Richard Wiley of South Africa waits in the RIO position of this South African Air Force Cheetah, Charlie model. Both crewmen wear French flight gear.

Another shot of Nat Coleman with his GSh-6 CCCP high altitude set. Here you can see the cloth communications helmet still being worn. The helmet itself is just a shell worn over the com helmet.

Fabio Morra of Alessandria, Italy, is shown with his Army aviator gear. He is wearing a SPH-4 NVG and an SRU-21/P survival vest.

Richard Wiley (L) and a South African Pilot stand at the tail of the South African Harvard aircraft. On the tail sits a Gerueau 316 with Ulmer mask and a couple parachutes.

Another shot of Bill Cook, from Dennysville, Maine. This is at N.A.S. Brunswick. The display map shows locations of all Air Forces and has cap badges from all Allied countries. Also shown is an H-1, P-1A. Sadly, all of the helmets were lost in a fire, along with the rest of his collection.

Bob Stambovsky of Stambo Aviation out of Lancaster California is shown on one of their aircraft. They also have a MiG 15 UTI. Check out their website! Click here!

Chen Ching Fu, of Taiwan, Republic of China, photographed when he was in the Taiwan Marines.

Tom Sled, out of Grover Beach, California, is shown here with the "Bandit." His dream bird.

This pilot from Switzerland, his name withheld for security reasons, is shown in his F-5E. He is wearing an HGU-55/P with an MBU-5/P oxygen mask.
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