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D.Y. Cheu from Taipei, Taiwan pictured by his Chinese Air Force F-100 (1984 circa) at the HsinChu Airbase. D.Y. is shown holding an HGU-2A/P (modified visor cover), MBU-5/P.

Bilal Zaidi of California is strapped in his F-16C going through the preflight checklist. This photo was taken in *CLASSIFIED* when *CLASSIFIED* was causing trouble.

Mike Richards, 31, from Sarasota, Florida and his daughter, Lauren, 2, is shown with his Land Jet and the 33/P helmet he refurbished and painted in Thunderbird scheme.

Kirk Sunley of Valencia, California is pictured here with a Bell Jet Ranger. Kirk flies out of Van Nuys Airport, and has a collection of helicopter helmets.

Santa Clara, California is the home of Mark Stoval, pictured here with his APH-6A and MS22001 oxygen mask. Mark is catchin' a little Sim time here.

Military jets and flight helmets are what is on George Siriyothin's mind. George is out of Pico Rivera, California, and he does some awesome models that look too real! Down to the ejection seats having "Remove before flight" flags!!

Nat Coleman in his GSh-6 Russian high altitude set. The CCCP VKK-3 pressure suit has cooling tubes running throughout in order to keep the pilot comfortable. The helmet uses a neck ring for partial pressure.

Fabio Morra from Alessandria, Italy, is shown with his Naval gear. The complete set includes MA-2, SV-2 w/ LPU-23/P, HGU-55/P, MBU-12/P.

Bill Cook of Dennysville, Maine, is shown in his circa1944 RAF flight gear. Type C helmet, MKVII goggles, type H mask, 1941 pattern life vest and boots.
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