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Ben Gimbert of Virginia, 42, with son, Sean, and their collection of flight helmets. L to R: 1965 APH-6 w/ MBU-5/P; Naval HGU-34/P w/ MBU-12/P; his stepfather's APH-5 (currently restoring); and Korean P-4B with A-14 oxygen mask.

Atlanta, Georgia is the home of Nat Coleman and this beautiful David Clark Company 1023 full pressure flight suit, dated 1968, and S-1010 full pressure helmet. This would have been flown in the U-2C spy plane.

Gregg Stansbery from Atlanta, Georgia, shown with his HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P. Gregg is also sporting the patch from the Chiefs, 335th TFS.

GM Bell, a collector from Maryland, is shown in his complete W.W. II pilot's gear lot.Check out his website Bell's Aviation!

Chriss Yamada of Japan showing off an some gear on his wife from Sydney, Australia. His wife is wearing a mint SPH-4B, new camo flight suit, and a SRU-21/P.

Dr. Francisco Tramonte of Brazil, checking out the F-16s at FIDAE in Chile at the 1998 show. Francisco is a neurosurgeon, private pilot and military aviation enthusiast.

Scott Slawson of Minneapolis, MN traveled to Nellis AFB in August '98. He is shown here with Thunderbird #4. His collection includes a Thunderbird flight helmet and other gear.

John Brabham from Ulmer, SC, is shown in Viper Heaven. He is sitting in an F-16 from the Swamp Fox Squadron of McIntyre Air National Guard in Columbia, SC.
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