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Westone CME Modular Cable

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    SKU: WSTN-0005 Westone CME Modular Cable

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    CME Modular Cable

    Please choose your cable based on the type of aircraft being flown. Cables are "louder" or "quieter" based on the projected noise level of the aircraft.

    Westone attenuating custom communications earpiece system is a high-quality communications system using specialized electronics and modular communications cable in conjunction with a custom-molded earpiece. Similar to CEP's, but with the advantage of an earpiece that is custom-molded for the individual's ears allowing for further noise reduction. There are four different modular cables each tuned for the noise level of the environment (three designed for fixed-wing and one of which is specifically for helicopter use). Designed to passively reduce noise as well as protect hearing. Flight evaluations have shown the attenuation system reduces noise by an average of 30dBA providing a significantly quieter environment inside a jet while providing clear communications. 

    For use with Westone CME's.

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