New Helicopter Flight Helmet, Dual Visor or Single Visor

New Helicopter Flight Helmet, Dual Visor or Single Visor

Code: PRS4-HFH4K

$1,795.00 MADE IN USA

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New Helicopter Flight Helmet, Dual Visor or Single Visor

     New Helicopter Helmet, Dual Visor, or Single Visor. The lightweight and strong modern composite shell is an upgrade from the fiberglass shell of the old SPH-4 helmet. This helmet is equipped with a convenient dual visor assembly that houses both clear and dark visors, each with its own actuation knob. This helmet is complete with Clear & Dark visors, TPL liner, impact styrene, black retention assembly with fixed strap on one side and double buckle adjustment on the other, ear cups, wire boom assembly, communications cord and plug(s), and civilian communications consisting of 300ohm earphones and Electret microphone. 

     Choose from the available options to customize your helmet configuration. We also offer custom painting and graphics in addition to standard colors. Please email for more details. You can find our contact form here: Contact Us

     Choose size Extra Large or Regular. Click the button above for size charts. The helmet can be customized to any configuration by choosing options when placing the order. Helmet weight configured with standard earphones (non-ANR) and dual visor is approximately 2 lbs 15 oz. / 47 oz. / 1326 grams. Configured with ANR earphones and dual visors, the approximate weight is 3 lbs 4 oz. / 53 oz. / 1502 grams. All weights are based on the size Extra Large helmet.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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