New Fixed Wing Flight Helmet for Clarity Aloft Headsets

New Fixed Wing Flight Helmet for Clarity Aloft Headsets

Code: PR55-HGU55KCA

$1,399.00 MADE IN USA

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New Fixed Wing Flight Helmet for Clarity Aloft Headsets

This Flight Helmet comes with a modern composite shell, integrated chin and nape straps, leather edge roll, and your choice of visors. The helmet has been specially designed for use with Clarity Aloft Headsets. 

You can purchase the helmet to use with your existing headset, or you can purchase the helmet with a headset. There is no modification required on the Clarity Aloft Headset so you can use it with or without the helmet. The Clarity Aloft Headsets come with a built-in volume control in the cord. The Clarity Aloft Link Headset comes with a built-in BluLink for wirelessly connecting cell phones and music players to your headset/helmet. 

Choose from the available options to customize your helmet configuration. We also offer custom painting and graphics in addition to standard colors. Please email for more details. You can find our contact form here: Contact Us

Our fixed-wing flight helmet shell sizes (medium, large, and extra large) are the same as the USAF HGU-55/P. Please review our size chart for sizing information on a standard HGU-55/P fixed-wing helmet. (Click the button above in the description to find the size charts)

A complete size Large helmet weight including bungee visor and ear pads, but not including Clarity Aloft headset is approximately 1 lb 14 oz. / 30 oz. / 858 grams. The helmet with headset weighs approximately 2 lbs 2 oz. / 34 oz. / 970 grams. Clarity Aloft Headset weighs approximately 4 oz / 112 grams. All weights are based on size large with bungee visor style.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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