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Westone Attenuating Custom Communication Earpiece System

by Shawna Bock • October 15, 2022

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Westone Attenuating Custom Communication Earpiece System

We are a Westone® Authorized Dealer. For installation in new a helmet, installation in an existing helmet by us, or self-installation. 

Thank you for your business, if you have any questions regarding Westone's Attenuating Custom Commuinication Earpiece System please contact us at 800-531-4898 or

Westone attenuating custom communications earpiece system is a high-quality communications system using specialized electronics and modular communications cable in conjunction with a custom-molded earpiece. Similar to CEP's, but with the advantage of an earpiece that is custom molded for the individual's ears allowing for further noise reduction. The modular cable in this kit uses an SMB/CEP-style interface. Generally recommended for Helicopter use. Designed to passively reduce noise as well as protect hearing. For fixed-wing use there may be an advantage to using the two-pin style connection kit instead as the modular cables for the two-pin are designed to operate at different sound levels depending on the aircraft being flown to maximize hearing protection. Flight evaluations have shown the attenuation system reduces noise by an average of 30dBA providing a significantly quieter environment inside a jet while providing clear communications. 


Once you have placed your order with us you will need to obtain a set of "Deep Ear Molds" ear impressions from a hearing professional. This item does require some processing time as the earpieces are made to order.

Ear Impressions:

Earpiece impressions will need to be made by a professional Hearing Aid Specialist or Audiologist. You will need to have a set of "Deep Ear Molds" made that follows these guidelines:

Impressions must be taken using silicone impression material. Impressions must be made with a closed jaw. Impressions must be deep; the second bend must be visible on the impression. Impressions must fill all retentive features and be free of voids. Impressions must include extra material on the outside of the ear to fully show all detail in the outer ridges of the helix, concha rim, heel, tragus, and crus.

You can use Westone's hearing professional locator tool here to find a hearing professional in your area:

Westone Find A Hearing Professional

Once the impressions are made please send them to Westone at: 


Attn: Military DEPT.

2235 Executive Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80906  

• Please include your name, contact info, and order number with your impressions when you send them.

• Please send us an email reply letting us know you have sent them along with the tracking number to our email at

Note: Westone will keep your physical impressions on hand for 2 years and a digital 3D scan of your impressions for 5 years should you need to order additional earpieces. To order additional earpieces order here Westone CME Earpieces: and let us know in the special order instructions that you already have ear impressions on file.  

If you’d like to receive your physical impressions back rather than have Westone keep them, then please include that request as a note in the package when you initially send in your impressions, and they will be sent back to you when we ship you your earpieces.

Vented or Non-Vented:

Vented- Modular silicone earpiece with a vent to equalize pressure in the ear canal. Vented CME's are recommended for flight above 30,000 ft or in situations with rapid descends/ascends. 

Non-Vented- Modular silicone earpieces without a pressure vent are for flight under 30,000 feet and ground crew.

CME Colors:

You may choose one color, two colors, or three colors for the custom molded earpieces. If you want your CME's to be one complete solid color chose the color in Color #1, two colors choose a color for #1 and #2, and three colors chose a color for #1, #2, and #3. You may also choose to have the colors be solid or swirled. 

So it is possible to have 

-one solid color

-two solid colors

-three solid colors

-two swirled colors

-three swirled colors

Note: Colors with an * are "single" colors only, also in the case of the pre-determined camo patterns which are more than one color swirled, just chose that color for Color #1. for example if you choose "Pink Camo" your earpieces will be pink/white/grey swirled.  


Laser engraving can be done on the earpieces up to 7 characters.

Note on CME's:

It is very important to try your CME earpieces on and wear them for a couple of hours a day for a few days before using them with modular cables or in flight. This allows your ears to become more accustomed to the fit of a custom earpiece, which will allow better comfort when used in flight.

Modular Cables:

Cables are specially designed for use with CME's. They are "quieter" to "louder" and it is recommended that you use the cable that best matches the level of sound within your aircraft. Use the guide below for reference.

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