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Font Selection Guide and Graphic Request Forms

by Shawna Bock • August 16, 2023

Thank you for choosing custom graphics for your flight helmet. To ensure we meet your expectations, we've provided a Font Selection Guide and Graphics Request Forms for each helmet style in links below.

Font Selection Guide:

If you have chosen to have a name or call sign on the back of your helmet, please use this guide to help you choose which font style, font size, you would like for the name on the back. We will also need to know what color you would like the font in. The guide is meant as a starting point so if you do not see the style of font you are looking for please let us know and we may be able to find the font you'd like.


• Font Selection Guide

Helmet Graphics Request Forms:

It is not required to fill out one of these for custom graphics. You can just send us a description (with any examples you may have) of what you would like and we can draw up the first proof. The more information provided on artwork, colors, size, placement, design, that you may have the better. We have provided the graphic request forms listed below for you to sketch out your own concepts. Please chose from the forms below the helmet that matches the style you have ordered. These forms are a representation of each helmet and are not exact dimensions. A formal proof completed by us will be sent to you for approval before any graphics are produced and another proof is sent to you again for approval after the graphics are applied but before the finishing coat is applied.


Fixed-Wing Bungee Visor

Fixed-Wing Bungee Visor with No Elephant Ears

Fixed-Wing Single Visor

Fixed-Wing Dual Visor

Fixed-Wing Dual Visor NVG

Helicopter Single Visor 

Helicopter Dual NVG Visor

Other Graphics Request Forms:

Listed below are request forms for custom flight helmet bag embroidery and custom visor cover embroidery. Please contact us for more info on this item if you do not have it on order already as custom embroidery orders are usually limited. 


Helmet Bag Custom Request Form

Bungee Visor Cover Custom Request Form

Thank you for your business.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reply to the email this link was in or give us a call at 1-800-531-4898

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