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Aviation Respirators with N95 Filters and Built In Microphone

by Shawna Bock • October 28, 2020

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Aviation Respirators

Aviation Respirator for Flight Helmets -with a built-in microphone!

Aviation Respirator for Flight Helmets– with a built-in microphone! Unlike other respirator masks, this one comes with a civilian microphone built into the mask to maintain communications. Made from soft, flexible silicone for a comfortable, conforming fit, this respirator features high-quality breathing protection from airborne hazards. Available in size small, medium, or large and choice of strap set up to accommodate most helmet types include all HGU and SPH helmets. Respirator Mask includes: mask, microphone, helmet strap assembly and bayonets, standard mic cord to plug into the helmet (the same location that boom microphone would plug in), 2 main filters, N95 pre-filters and pre-filter cover that can be used instead of regular filter or in addition to the regular filter, and an extra pack of pre-filters. Replacement filters and pre-filters are available as needed (purchased separately from us or any merchant offering replacement Honeywell filters). 

Available in different configurations depending on your needs:

• N95 Pre-Filters only, for protection against COVID-19 and other particulates, lighter weight and lower profile.

• N95 Pre-Filters + Organic Vapor and Acid Gas Main Filters for agricultural use.

• N95 Pre-Filters + Organic Vapor, Acid Gas, Ammonia, and Methylamine Main Filters for agricultural use.

•N95 Pre-Filter + Oxygen Mask Inlet Port

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Product Features:’s aviation respirator mask is built using a NOISH approved industrial respirator mask and converted for aviation use by manufacturing and installing a civilian impedance microphone and replacing the industrial elastic head harness with a web strap assembly and attachment hardware specifically designed for aviation flight helmet use and designed to maximize the ability to interface the mask with a variety of flight helmets. The strap harness option is unique only to’s aviation mask products and a key feature that allows the mask to be used with helmets. Simply mounting attachment hardware on this style respirator mask’s industrial head harness elastic straps does not provide an adequate pressure to hold the mask against the face for some flight helmet types. The web strap assembly moves the attachment points forward on the mask to allow more range of adjustment and allows applying more pressure holding the mask against the wearer’s face. 

The component features are the following:

• NOISH approved RU8500 Series Half Mask manufactured by North a division of Honeywell.

• Uses standard Honeywell screw-on filters and pre-filters, which are available in different types, to provide protection in a variety of environments/hazards.

• Masks come with Honeywell N76003L filters and 7531N95 N95 pre-filter assembly but can be used with any of Honeywell’s screw-on filters/filter assemblies.

• The industrial talk-thru diaphragm is replaced with an aviation microphone assembly that integrates David Clark M7A civilian impedance microphone via microphone cord with NEXUS U173 plug to existing NEXUS U172 microphone jack available on most flight helmets.

• The standard industrial head harness is replaced with specially designed strap harness and bayonet fittings to attach to most flight helmets. Strap assembly is manufactured with the 
same mil-spec webbing, buckles, and bayonets as used on military MBU-12 oxygen masks.

•’s aviation respirator mask including the aviation microphone assembly and flight helmet strap harness design has already been successfully installed on and used with SPH series helicopter flight helmets and fixed-wing flight helmets for use in the Agricultural Aviation Industry.

•’s flight helmet strap harness design has also been used with the RU8500bseries mask as an oxygen mask on fixed-wing flight helmets.

• Aviation microphone assembly has been FAA CAMI tested for use with this RU8500 series mask as an oxygen mask up to 30,000ft in altitude.

Mask Sizing:

3 mask sizes available: Small, Medium, Large

Sizing Chart: Measure distance A and distance B and select size from the chart. Personal preference/judgment should
be used on the overlapping size ranges.

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