MBU-20/P Combat Edge Oxygen Mask

MBU-20/P Combat Edge Oxygen Mask

Code: OXM-201



Product Description

MBU-20/P Combat Edge Oxygen Mask- The MBU-20/P Combat Edge HALP (High Altitude Low Profile) oxygen mask is current issue to USAF flight crews flying aircraft like the F-16, F-15, and other tactical aircraft. It is also in use by NASA astronauts in training. The MBU-20/P assembly consists of HALP face piece with special offset bayonet clips, M-169/AIC delta block and microphone assembly, 3 pin connector at the end of the hose, and small hose that connects the mask to the Combat Edge bladder in the helmet. We offer these masks in unissued new condition, used excellent condition, and used Display Only condition. CX-4707 communications cord shown in photo is not included unless selected from the available communication cord options. If using mask with civilian impedance radios, please choose an amplified cord. We can also configure this mask as an MBU-23 as used by the US Navy.