X-Files: Flight Helmet Museum

The helmets on the below pages are not for sale or have already sold.  They are shown here for display and informational purposes only. To find helmets that are in stock and for sale, click the links above.
   APH-5 - US Air Force / Army early Vietnam era helmet
   APH-6B - US Navy fixed wing Vietnam era helmets 
   HGU-55/P CE - Combat Edge helmet set w/ MBU-20/P mask
   HGU-2A/P - Vietnam era fixed wing dual visor camouflaged flight helmet
   SPH-3B - US Army camouflaged dual visor helicopter helmets
   SPH-4 - Standard US Army helicopter helmet & white civilian model
   SPH-4B - Light weight US Army dual visor helicopter helmet
   SPH-4NVG - US Army & Navy Night Vision Goggle helicopter platform 
   HGU-26/P - Air Force B-52 pilot's helmet, combat missions over North Vietnam
   HGU-33/P - Standard US Navy fixed wing flight helmet during the 1980s
   HGU-45/P - US Navy / Marine Corps dual visor flight helmet
   HGU-2/P - Early Vietnam Air Force helmet set 
   H-3 - USN Korean War fighter pilot helmet 
   USN APH-5 - Early Vietnam fighter pilot helmet 
   SPH-3B - Original squadron marked from USMC HML-267 
   BPH-2 - Vietnam USN patrol helmet 
   HGU-55/P - Original squadron marked from USN VA-196 "Main Battery" 
   HGU-85/P - Original squadron marked from USN VFA-94 "Shrikes" 
   SAC HGU-9/P - Strategic Air Command Nuclear set from the 1950's
   HGU-15/P - Rare chemical biological clamshell flight helmet
   HGU-48/P - An A-10 Warthog pilot's helmet w/ NVG mount
   HGU-51/P - USAF Chemical Defense Helmet System
   HGU-53/P - Experimental flight helmet to replace the HGU-55/P
   HGU-55/P  - USMC helmets with Desert Storm & Woodland camo covers
   HGU-55/P SAC - Strategic Air Command Nuclear set from the 1990's
   HGU-55/G - Luftwaffe's elite pilot helmet, used in Germany
  HGU-56/P - This helmet is from an OH-58D Warrior pilot
   HGU-68/P - Current issue Naval flight helmet Current issue Naval flight helmet
   HGU-84/P - Current issue USN/USMC helicopter helmet w/ camo cover
   HGU-85/P - USN helmet designed as Night Vision Goggle platform
   AFH-1 - Vietnam Era helicopter Ballistic helmet
   HALO - High Altitude Low Opening Parachutist's helmet
   TopTex 3AM - 1960's helmet worn mostly by test pilots
   Gueneau 316G - Luftwaffe version 316 w/ German MBU-5/P
   DH-101A - Experimental nuclear flash protection helmet on APH-6 shell