Flight Gear Articles

FlightHelmet.com wants the website to be a place for reference as well as the best place to purchase quality gear. Below are some articles we have put together based on customer requests and frequent questions. If you want to know something, just send an email here!

  LPU-23 vs. LPU-21: Naval Life Preservers
  Oxygen Mask Attachment Clips & Receivers
  Oxygen Mask Fittings & CRU Blocks
  USAF MBU-12/P vs. USN MBU-14/P Oxygen Masks
  Ejection Seat Torso Harness & Quick Release Fittings
  US Naval Flight Helmet Technical Order
  HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Helmet Information
  US Air Force HGU-22/P Shell Assembly Information
  US Navy PRK-37 Shell Assembly Information
  Aircrew Body Armor - Chicken Plate - Information
  Flight Helmet Liners
  F-117 Shot Down & Ejection in Yugoslavia- PHOTOS!
  Purchasing a Flight Gear Gold Mine
  Visiting the Thunderbird's at Nellis AFB, Nevada