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The Customer Photograph section is one of the most popular places on the Flighthelmet.com website. We really enjoy seeing our fellow pilots and collectors from around the world showing off their gear in many different ways from flying in jets to playing a flight simulator or even just hanging out in the living room. The Customer Photo pages are also a favorite of husbands demonstrating to their wife (or wives demonstrating to their husbands) that they are not the only "flight gear nut" and it is quite normal.

We encourage you to send in your photo and no purchase is necessary for it to be posted. We do, however, have a small requirement- just have an identified person in the photo with flight gear and/or an aircraft. In other words, just don't send in photos of your helmet collection sitting on a shelf- step into the frame and have someone snap the picture. Submit your photographs via email to: photos@flighthelmet.com

  • A person must be in the photo with flight gear or aircraft
  • Do not e-mail files over 1MB, if possible crop image
  • Approx size on vertical format images: 300 pixels tall x less than 300 pixels wide
  • Approx size on horizontal format images: 300 pixels wide x less than 300 pixels tall
  • You can send developed picture via US Mail and we can scan it (include information)
  • We can withhold military names for security reasons
  • Do not send a fake or computer generated photographs
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