Amplifier, Audio Frequency, Type AM3597C/A

$125.00 USED / SURPLUS

General Aviation Communications Extension Cord

$45.00 NEW

Push to Talk Switch Standard

$47.00 NEW

Communications Adapter G/A plugs to U-75/U plug

$103.00 NEW

Oxygen Mask Microphone Amplifier Adapter

$95.00 MADE IN USA

General Aviation Headset Extension Cord

$63.00 NEW

General Aviation Dual Microphone Splitter Adapter

$59.00 NEW

Communications Adapter U-174/U to U-75/U plugs

$104.00 NEW

Communications Adapter U-75/U to U-174 plugs

$104.00 NEW

Push to Talk Switch Intercom

$35.00 NEW

U-174 to US Navy Plug Adapter


US Navy Plug to Mil Connector Extension Cord and Adapter