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Helmet Refurbishments: Adding a Mask/Boom Switch to Your Helmet

For each of these helmet refurbishments, we added communication ear plugs, installed a volume control knob, and added a helmet cable with a plug containing a built-in switch.

The switch allows the wearer to easily switch their microphone from the boom mic to the oxygen mask microphone, which is convenient for a pilot switching from one to the other while flying.

, February 19, 2020

National Warbird Operator Conference in Mobile, AL February 13-16

Come visit us at NWOC this year in Mobile, AL!

Talk to us about purchasing a new helmet, or bring in your existing for a refurbishment assessment. As always, we will also be carrying a variety of other products, such as oxygen masks, flight suits and vests, Flying Eyes sunglasses, and more.

, February 06, 2020