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Brandon Hogan is shown keeping his T-28C in tight formation while flying demonstration over NAS San Diego during a small airshow. Note the nuke sub in the center of the photo at the bottom. Brandon is wearing a USN HGU-55/P.

Ton Somhorst is a paramedic from the Netherlands. Here he is shown with his custom painted and reflective taped SPH-4 Kevlar flight helmet.

Here is Auger Trieber out of North Carolina again wearing his HGU-2A/P and MBU-5/P oxygen mask (note single strap bayonet setup) during his Air Force flying days.  

Here is the photo from Brandon's aircraft during the formation flight. The flight consisted of 3 T-28s and 1 AD-1 Skyraider. Click here for a large photo from a different angle [will open in new window].

Bonnie Treiber is shown with her dad's refurbished APH-6A and MS22001 oxygen mask. As a side note and warning guys, we have been advised she is quite capable with numerous firearms at various ranges- so don't get any ideas!

Enrico Cabas is a collector from Gorizia, ITALY. He is shown next to his Korean era jet pilot flight gear set.

Stuart Koflick is a flight medic in the rugged Alberta north. He is shown with his custom painted SPH-4 and CWU-73/P flight suit. 

Joki Sekulic from Yugoslavia-Serbia is shown wearing his HGU-33/P flight helmet and sitting in a Martin Baker ejection seat.
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